Qantas enters the publishing game and today’s other readings

Today’s Library Link of the day is to this story from NPR which provoked a “they’re doing whaaat!” response around the dinner table this evening. The gist of the story is – Qantas is offering books that have been tailored (abridged or is it actually a service where they have carefully selected books dependant on length – this clip doesn’t make that clear) for your flight so that when you hop off the plane, you will have completed the book. It’s not mentioned by the transcript but presumably this is with the permission of the authors (I’m considering abridgement). I’m avid audiobook reader and I absolutely hate it when the only option for download (Audible) / borrowing (Library) is the abridged recording (I will actually read with my eyes instead to avoid it). Another thought – does this promote literacy? – Will people who wouldn’t normally read these books have a go?

Portable telephone, 1952 (SLWA Collection 235980pd)

Portable telephone, 1952 (SLWA Collection 235980pd)

David Lee King’s Library as Community Recharging Station I always love reading David’s perspective on customer service and the suggestion (read to the end it’s not a long post) that the library hosts exercise classes 🙂 For a while I was attending private yoga classes at the Art Gallery of WA so this really chimed for me, how about Tai chi in the stacks? I also loved the idea that the library have electric car plug in points. At present the only electric car plug in place I am aware of in WA is at UWA (and that’s because it’s right outside Dr K’s office). Any other sightings?

I wish I could attend the CURATEcamp Unconference – this sounds like it would be an awesome day. I’m particularly interested in taking advantage of the digital resources we have and promoting them more widely (my workplace has some lovely digitised images from early days in Western Australia – see above).

Hmm, are there any virtual unconferences in this arena – should investigate – if not, is this an opportunity?

Lastly, really enjoyed the twitter chat tonight hosted by @anz23mobilethings. We talked the digital divide, MOOCs and mobile devices.


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